BEAMS Early Learning Curriculum

Welcome to children’s world of innovation inspired by Nature

Learning through Nature

BEAMS Early Learning embraces an indoor/outdoor program where children have the opportunity and freedom to move throughout their learning environment as this promotes independent choice and exploration.

Children’s needs, interests and developmental stages are at the forefront of our program. Our learning environment is seen as the third teacher and enables children to play and learn at their own pace whilst being supported by our Educators through intentional teaching.

We capitalise on our beautiful local flora and fauna. Our naturescape outdoor setting fosters appreciation and respect for the environment and is incorporated in our program. Nature is also integrated into our indoor play spaces as Educators intentionally bring the outdoors indoors.

Our daily rituals include nature-based tea parties, progressive meals, sleeping outdoor and yarning circles.

We believe play is meaningful because play is learning!

BEAMS Early Learning curriculum is guided by the Australian Government’s national framework, the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF). It is also a key component of the National Quality Framework (NQF) which is designed to ensure Education and Care services across Australia are committed to continuous improvement.

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At BEAMS Early Learning, we endeavour to build secure attachment and connection with all infants and their families by engaging in meaningful interactions. Our focus with this age is to establish consistent routines, support infants’ wellbeing and establishing strong parent communication to ensure smooth transitions and consistent care. The rhythm of the day is planned around your individual child’s routine to further develop and maximise their learning opportunities. Our qualified and experienced Educators are passionate about creating intentional learning experiences and provide opportunities for infants to freely explore the natural world.

Our nursery room indoor/outdoor program includes:

  • Tummy time and physical activity
  • Sensory and messy play
  • Creative arts (music and movement, rhymes, painting, storytelling)
  • Outdoor exploration (sensory path, crawling logs, sandpit, balancing beams)
  • Weekly music and dance sessions by internal and external specialist

As infants transition into toddlerhood, they are more active and curious about their world. Toddlers are experts at investigating the natural world around them through their senses. Our nature-based indoor/outdoor environment are ideal for toddlers to engage in spontaneous play experiences as Educators continue to support children to explore through a range of experiences, textures, sounds and feelings. As children direct their own play experiences, our passionate Educators scaffold children’s learning by providing developmentally appropriate materials, experiences and opportunities for them to wonder, investigate and discover.

Our toddler room indoor/outdoor program includes:

  • Creative arts (music and movement, rhymes, painting, storytelling, small world play, dramatic play)
  • Opportunities to build social relationships through turn taking, sharing and small group play
  • Learning self-help skills (self-serving during mealtime, toileting, dressing)
  • Enrichment program by internal and external specialist such as music, dance and Mandarin language sessions
  • Outdoor exploration (run, climb, bug hunt, fort building, sand and mud play)

BEAMS Early Learning is dedicated to provide a quality and holistic Preschool Program for children aged 3 – 5 years. We are committed to assisting children to develop confidence, independence and a love for learning through nature play based inquiry. This will assist children in transitioning smoothly into formal schooling.

Our Preschool Program is led by our qualified Early Childhood Teacher who is passionate in supporting children’s learning, development, wellbeing and creativity to reach school readiness. Our emergent curriculum inspires children to explore through nature as the teacher influences learning in a fun and meaningful manner. Children’s interests and voices guide the direction of teaching and learning. As children are engaged in meaningful unstructured play, the teacher will work alongside them to unravel their discoveries.

The BEAMS Preschool Program focuses on learning with nature – where children observe the changing of weather and seasons, discover living organisms in the environment, use nature in creative arts, catch rainwater and discuss quantities and numbers… the learning is endless!  A “Yarning circle” is integrated into the children’s routine as a daily ritual.  This is a time where children come together to discuss a focus question, read stories and participate in group time – it is a time where children gather to share ideas and thoughts.

We also offer developmentally appropriate enrichment sessions as part of our Preschool Program. Our internal and external Educators/ specialists will run sessions like music, dance and Mandarin language classes. We use various teaching pedagogy in order to achieve a child’s optimum learning outcomes based on the Early Years Learning Framework and the WA Kindergarten Curriculum.