Coming in 2021 to Riverton:

BEAMS Riverton Early Learning Centre

Play-based Early Learning for children aged 6 weeks to 5 years in truly natural environments.
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BEAMS Riverton Early Learning Centre

The BEAMS Riverton Early Learning Centre (ELC) will be built on the corner of Corinthian Road East and Vahland Avenue, Riverton.

Dedicated areas for babies, toddlers and 3 – 5 years old children have been incorporated into this beautifully designed building. Currently, the centre has been built to accommodate 46 places; with the possibility of future growth, dependant on community needs.

The centre has been designed to fit into the natural landscape of Riverton; with the emphasis on utilising natural Western Australian flora within our landscaped outdoor environments.

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How can BEAMS Riverton Early Learning Centre help your child?

Through exclusively designed play-based programs that incorporate our nature-based environments. Do you remember being a child and being outdoors exploring all nature has to offer? This is exactly what BEAMS is aiming for; a back to basics childhood experience where children are able to explore their free will in a safe, secure, natural and supported environment!

To achieve this, BEAMS’ management team has a combined 30 years experience in Education and Care and is in the process of recruiting Early Childhood Educators and support staff who are passionate about play-based learning in a natural holistic environment.

BEAMS ELC is in the planning stage and plans to open in the first half of 2021.

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The BEAMS Building

The BEAMS Riverton Early Learning Centre includes;

  • a large, 650m² outdoor play area
  • free-flowing indoor/outdoor architecture
  • natural surroundings
  • 60m² area with permanent shade
  • passive solar design.

BEAMS ELC is expected to open in 2021, please register your interest and we will keep you updated as this truly beautiful facility takes shape!

We’re All About The Children…


We’re interviewing the best, most highly-qualified, broad-minded, dynamic, professional and passionate teachers.


Our indoor and outdoor play areas encourage sustainability, creativity, social interaction and physical play.


Families will be welcome to join us at any time throughout our day.  We encourage family participation in our curriculum.


Nature walks, sensory exploration, cultural celebrations  and afternoon “nature-based tea-parties” are part of our curriculum.

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